Salesforce WorldTour London Week

Dev Meetup!

I’m lucky enough to be able to work from pretty much anywhere – one of the perks of being a Salesforce Admin or Dev! – so this month I spent 3 days in London to attend the famous Salesforce WorldTour on its stop in the UK.

The reason for a 3-day trip? Well, it was so I could visit the Salesforce Tower in London for the first time. It was the venue for the awesome London Salesforce Developer Group meet-up #lonDevSFDC. These monthly meet-ups are great and I always walk away having learned some cool Salesforce stuff and also, if I’ve overcome some Imposter Syndrome, having met someone new. It was a great evening with a focus on the Lightning roadmap and loads of swag (boom!). I was surprised to meet Amanda Bauman over from Austin TX. who I’d found out over Twitter was a fellow ‘Stokie’ (hailing from Stoke-on-Trent). It was great to talk Stoke and find out more about the great stuff happening with BAM! (Be A Multiplier!)

WorldTour Day!

The WorldTour is a mini Dreamforce event totally chock full with Keynotes covering the latest industry innovations and trends, Breakouts for diving deeper and a vast array of leading AppExchange partners to meet face-to-face. The huge east London Excel conference center was buzzing with over 12’000 Trailblazers and excited conversations!

Being a Salesforce Trailblazer is all about giving back, and it was a privilege and a challenge for me to be able to help out in a ‘ask the expert’ capacity at the Automation stand at points during the day. It’s a great feeling showing both newbies and those with past experience of Process Builder and Lightning Flow Builder the scale of what is possible with clicks-not-code. Spring & Summer 18 features in Lightning Flow including embedded Lightning Components and Improved Flow Finish Behaviours made the demo look just so slick and it was a pleasure to deliver it with Jason Teller, Director of Product Management. And then to top it off @RebeccaSaar dropped by with some more Swag (boom!). Thank you, Rebecca ?

Between helping out, I caught up with my work buddy Roberto to check out the array of AppExchange partners at the event. Partners play such an important role in accelerating your customer’s successes. When you’re helping your company or your client solve business challenges you’re going to want to be able to deliver quickly and leverage the years of work and experience plowed into these AppExchange apps by those partners. Having knowledge about these apps and services at your fingertips helps you select the right solutions for customers. This is one of the reasons why WorldTour and Dreamforce are so important – you grow your value by getting bang up to speed with the latest developments and features the leading partners are delivering in their products, be that document generation, data backup services, API’s, change management systems… you name it. Oh, and as a wonderful side-effect it is also the best way to gather up some swag(boom!)

Roberto and I met and talked with every vendor in the hall. We chatted across broad ranges of topics from how tall can a man possibly grow (7ft 7 apparently, cool thing I learned thanks CloudGalacticos !) to how people feel about AI. We had a gamble with Mason Frank’s Buzzwire challenge to see who had the fastest wiggle in the west without causing a buzz! We shot a short video at the ‘Trailblazer Story’ cabin where you had to literally ad-lib about your Trailblazer story for 60 seconds – a situation where once the mic is in your hand and you see the red dot your mouth un-latches itself from your brain and words proceed to just fall out. A respectable amount of time was spent posing for silly pictures and sharing our fun with our Twitter friends. We had such a blast learning, connecting and sharing while amassing a rather large collection of swag(boom!)

The most serious picture out of all of them.

And then you’d never guess, but I was the most nimble-fingered entrant in the Mason Frank Buzzwire challenge, and I only went and walked away with a Series 3 Apple Watch (boom!)

As the day finishes up more opportunities to catch up with friends and network begin. I had a long train journey back up north to Stoke in the late evening so headed out to one of the many bars close to the venue to catch up with Colin McGregor, a friend I’d not seen in a few years and currently a lead consultant at 4C – EMEA’s largest independent Salesforce Platinum partner.

Aside from the very generous provision of complimentary beer, it was really heartwarming for me to catch up with a friend who has come so far in the last few years since deciding college wasn’t for him and joining the Salesforce Ohana. Colin had been a self-taught accidental admin at a start-up I contracted with for a while. I’d hoped that during my time there that I’d encouraged him to explore a career in Salesforce seriously, which indeed had turned out the case. We chatted for a few hours about the kind of projects he’d worked on and shared stories of finding fields with blank descriptions and no help texts, of the importance of using naming conventions and many other very, very important Admin topics! I felt strangely more mature in the Salesforce world and perhaps a little less popular as Colin explained that it was his time with me that was the source of many of the points in his newly implemented QA checklist.

Soon enough it was time for a train home and bed, ready for the morning when my 2 young daughters will to do the usual and inspect my swag bag(boom!)

missing 2 Codey Bears who were immediately taken for cuddles and tea by my daughters Mia and Maisie